SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump Set (With 2 Air stones + 1 Silicone Tube): Power 2 Tanks: Fish Tank Aerator with Regulating Valves: Fresh & Pure Air with Efficient, Practical, High-performing Aeration Pump

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Manufacturer Description

Aeration in fish tanks needs no introduction to all the aquaculture hobbyists. It is the introduction of oxygen in the artificial 'aquarium' ecosystem. In the natural setting, aeration occurs naturally, but in an aquarium, you need to infuse oxygen, so that your invertebrates, little swimmers, plants and corals stay alive and healthy. SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump is a powerful and high-performing oxygen supplier that keeps the water chemistry stable and allows the aquatic community to thrive perfectly.

One of the most notable features of SunGrow Air Pump is that it supports two multi-functional silicone tubes which can supplement oxygen to two fish tanks simultaneously. This encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria that restrains algae growth because both bacteria and algae compete for the same food sources viz. nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate.

Unlike most air pumps that are available in the market creates a lot of noise. But, that's not the case with SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump. It has an anti-slippery rubber which produces less than 35 dB sound. So, you can turn it on and sleep peacefully even at night. You can control the air pressure with the two regulating valves. They will enable you to increase or slow down the release of oxygen level in the tank.

Apart from all these uses, most tropical fish keepers, install the SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump for decoration purposes. Many love to sit and watch the fish swimming through the tiny bubbles flowing up to the top of the aquarium which is created by the two air stones.

?Curious? Buy today and see how the fish love playing with these aeration bubbles. 'Add to Cart' now!

Product Features

HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIR PUMP ENSURES A HEALTHY AQUARIUM --- The SunGrow Air Pump absorbs the outside air and sends it inside the tank via an outlet. Due to this, the aquarium gets oxygenated water which keeps the marine life healthy. It is perfect for aquaculture oxygenation, high-grade aquarium, and spout decoration. It helps to make the environment healthy for your fish. DUAL PUMP OXYGENATES TWO FISH TANKS SIMULTANEOUSLY --- SunGrow Aquarium Air Pump is equipped with a dual-headed pump which is attached to two vents. With these two vents and along with regulating valves, you can control the airflow hassle-free and can supply oxygen to two aquarium tanks simultaneously. The fish in the tank gets to breathe fresh, oxygenated air. AESTHETICALLY APPEALING & PRACTICAL DESIGN --- The SunGrow Air Pump comes with a hydroponic and two multi-functional silicone tubes that release oil-free compressed pure air and effectively regulate the air displacement. You can adjust the amount of oxygen supplemented in each tank because the pump has an adjustable regulating valve. EASY WORK MECHANISM --- The oxygen is carried through tubes and air stones that get released into the water in the form of bubbles. The unwanted carbon dioxide is removed from the aquarium without any inconvenience. HIGHLY EFFICIENT, LONG LIFE, LESS NOISE & CONSUMES LESSER POWER --- You can use the two air stones separately in two different tanks at the same time, yet you will receive reduced electricity bill. The outlet hole is quite big that allows steady air to seep in. Aquarium Air Pump by SunGrow has an anti-slippery rubber which reduces the noise caused by working and vibration. Now let the air pump run even at night and it won't disturb your sleep because the sound produced is lower than 35 decibels.

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